Why am I not getting any emails from Wevun ?

Why am I not getting any emails from Wevun ?

Wevun Global has a very reputed send servers for our members and we work abide by all the policies and rules set by google and major ISPs to ensure our members receive their emails in their INBOXES. Unfortunately, we have seen that sometime Google placed Wevun Global emails under Promotions Folder.

You can check your Promotions folder to see if you find your emails like Account Activation
 in the Promotions Folder.

If you do find your email in Promotions or Spam folder, you would want to drag the email in your INBOX Folder to make sure you receive all the important communications on top of your Inbox to run your business with Wevun in a smarter and effective way. 

Deliverability Experts at Wevun Recommend adding Wevun Global to your safe sender list

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