What is the WEVUN Brand Ambassador Program ?

What is the WEVUN Brand Ambassador Program ?

Wevun Brand Ambassador Program is a partner program for the willing members of Wevun. Any member of the "Wevun Global" can fill in a Small Application based on their interests of becoming Wevun Brand Ambassador. 

The Ambassador program positions and presents the approved partners as Wevun Brand Ambassadors. Wevun help them promote their interests on Wevun, Advertise their interests for FREE on Wevun. There are multiple ways members can partner with WEVUN. The major partnerships include:

  1. Instructors
  2. Event Organizers
  3. Bloggers
  4. Recruiters
  5. Beta Testers
  6. Community Managers
  7. Wevun Moderators
  8. Advertisers
  9. Developers

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      To become Wevun Brand Ambassador, fill in the Partner Application using the steps below: Pre-requisite: You need to be the invited member of Wevun Global to apply as a partner Steps to apply: Login to Wevun Global using your credentials. You can ...