How to Edit Posts?

How to Edit Posts?

Wevun Global lets you make changes to the post you have shared, you can edit it using the following easy steps !!

  1. To edit your Posts, You need to Login to your Wevun Global Account and access the Activity Feed. Search and select the post and click Edit button 

  1. Once you hit the Edit button, a window will appear for you make your changes there 

  1. For Eg. the user named WevunHelp Edits her posts by adding the Heart Smiley :

You can add image, text, GIF's, Smileys while editing the posts.
You can select Public, All members, Connections or Only Me while sharing your edited posts.

  1. Click Post Update once you are done making the changes and BINGO , your edited post will be published !!

  1. Your updated post will appear on yours as well as others Feed too !!
Note : If you are deleting photos/images from your Post, in most cases you can delete the photos using the Red dot in the right corner, without deleting the entire post.!

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